Dr. Ian Alvey

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Dr. Ian Alvey

Meet Dr. Ian Alvey, your dedicated and skilled dentist in Charlotte. A proud local, he was born in Pineville, NC just down 485. He graduated from MUSC in 2018 and completed his GPR at MAHEC in 2019. After residency, he practiced in the Asheville area and taught digital dentistry as a volunteer faculty member at MAHEC.

Passionate about digital dentistry and dental materials, Dr. Alvey stays at the forefront of advancements, ensuring precise and effective treatments. You’ll often find him with a scanner, camera, or 3D Printed model. His commitment to continuing education reflects his dedication to high-quality care.

Beyond the office, Dr. Alvey enjoys an active lifestyle, with a love for wakeboarding, snowboarding, and golf, showcasing his adventurous spirit and appreciation for precision.

Dr. Ian Alvey values building relationships with his patients, and tries to treat everyone like family. With a focus on personalized care, he is dedicated to helping individuals achieve and maintain optimal oral health.