Things to Note, Before Getting a Dental Crown Service!


Dental Crowns are one of the most effective dental solutions for your problems. A dental crown can help make your tooth fully functional, improve your smile, and restrict further decay. It repairs your cracked teeth, strengthens the damaged ones & also the teeth that have weakened after the root canal.

If your dentist has advised you to try the dental crown service, there are some aspects of it that you should know beforehand. While you already know the purpose in brief, there is more to be known to prepare yourselves.

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Why are Dental Crowns Placed?

A dental crown is made to guard the broken, cracked, or weakened tooth. Made of ceramic, resin, or porcelain, it is also known as a cap. As the name suggests, the crown is placed over the weak, decayed, or damaged tooth, and the design, size, and color shade represents your original teeth. Yes, dental crowns are made of a mold with the exact same color as your teeth.

There are also other reasons for getting dental crowns.

  1. If you have dental implants, dental crowns can be placed to provide a cover.
  2. For cosmetic requirements, dental crowns are placed upon stained or discolored teeth to give an even look to your set of 32.
  3. Dental crowns hold down prosthetic teeth in dentures or tooth bridges. They are either fixed on the tooth or the dental implants.
dental crowns indian trail nc
Dental Crown Treatment in Indian Trail NC

What Is the Lifespan of a Dental Crown Service?

Just like your teeth, dental crowns last to their optimum when you follow good dental hygiene and care for the cap. When you care for your dental crowns just like you do for your teeth, like brushing two times a day and flossing every day, they behave like your natural teeth.

Various practices you should avoid after dental crowns are placed are

  • Biting your fingernails
  • Chewing hard candy or ice
  • Teeth grinding
  • Opening packets using your teeth, etc.

On the contrary, if you grind your teeth during your sleep, wear a nightguard to restrict the damage.

These damaging habits weaken and degrade your tooth’s health, raise bacteria under the crown, and reduce the longevity of not just dental crowns but also your teeth. In comparison, proper oral care makes your dental crown service worthwhile! Typically, a well-maintained dental crown lasts a maximum of 15 years.

How Many Visits Do You Need to Make to the Dentist to Get the Dental Crowns Set?

In the past, when people opted for dental crown services, they had to visit the dentist two times for the final crown to set in their dental frame. In the first visit, the crown mold is made and sent to the laboratory to create a permanent crown while the patient is sent to revisit with a temporary crown.

However, today you can get dental crowns in just one day. Known as same-day crowns, the crowns are molded, milled, and bonded to your tooth on the very same day, in the first and final appointment of your dental crown service! Thus, if you have a busy schedule or want your dental crowns sooner, same-day crowns are a great choice!

Is the Procedure Painful?

Generally, no. To numb the area around, dentists use local anesthesia, so there is no discomfort. In addition, the process is quick and easy.

We hope we’ve acknowledged the questions you might have before going for a dental crown treatment things to know. Infinity Dental Arts always makes sure the patients come out comfortable, happy, and content with the service we provide. We’re located in Indian Trail, North Carolina, and when you look for an affordable dental crown service near you, we hope you remember us.