Difference Between At-Home and Professional Teeth Whitening Methods

A sparkling white smile is a reason for brighter days ahead. But without gentle care, your teeth can’t stay as bright as before. No worries! With the help of our specialized dentist, your smile will be as bright as before.

The article will be based on a deeper definition and the difference between professional teeth whitening and at-home teeth whitening methods.

What is Teeth Whitening?

Teeth whitening is a procedure done by a professional dentist to brighten your smile. It is a process for making your teeth more glamorous and shiny with the help of medical professionals who are masters in doing teeth whitening procedures and working in this field for several years. So teeth whitening is a completely safe procedure and doesn’t take much of your time or money.

What Are the Methods of Teeth Whitening?

In-office Whitening

This is the safest and most effective way teeth whitening can be done, which is recommended by medical professionals and also assured to be the safest way of teeth whitening. In the procedure, the dentist would always look after the safety of your teeth and come up with the best solution for effectively doing the procedure of teeth whitening. And the results can be seen instantly after the procedure is done.

Take-home Whitening

This is another way for teeth whitening. But not as effective as office whitening. So the teeth whitening results may seem to take several weeks to be seen and reflected on the teeth.

Difference Between Professional and at-home Teeth Whitening Methods?

There are a few differences between professional and at-home teeth whitening. The article discusses the main features to differentiate professional and at-home teeth whitening methods.

The professional teeth whitening treatment method provides the best solution for teeth whitening. While at home, the teeth whitening method is better but not as effective as the professional teeth whitening method.

By taking the professional teeth whitening treatment method, the results can be seen right after the procedure is done. But at home, teeth whitening can take several weeks to show results.

Professional teeth whitening will also work faster. In the professional teeth whitening procedure, your gums and tooth surfaces will be covered with a protective barrier for your safety and cause no harm.

But at home, teeth whitening claims no such assurance for your safety from various research. It can be claimed that professional teeth whitening treatments are much better and more cost-effective than at-home teeth whitening treatments.

Then the professional teeth whitening treatment reactor will be used, and hydrogen peroxide gel will be applied to smoothen your teeth, called the teeth whitening gel. In this case, the same procedure will be applied for at-home teeth whitening.

The gel will remain for an hour. And after that, you can see the actual results of the teeth whitening treatment. In this case, professional and at-home procedures also remain the same. These gels are only made for teeth whitening and will not be available over the counter or for any other usage.

Before starting the professional teeth whitening procedure, a thorough oral examination of your teeth and gums will be done. But at home, teeth whitening contains no examination.

Professional teeth whitening procedures claim to be safe in treating sensitive gums also. So, no need to bother about the side effects of teeth whitening treatment. It’s one of the safest procedures medical and dental professionals have done over the past years. At the same time, at-home teeth whitening made no such claims.

The teeth whitening results vary depending on which type of teeth someone has. The professional teeth whitening procedure claims to show results right after the procedure is done. But there’s no assurance of at-home teeth whitening, in some cases several weeks.

By getting a professional teeth whitening treatment, you can see the results immediately after the procedure is done. And the results often last six months, and in some cases, it remains longer than that. But the home teeth whitening treatment only remains for six months, and there is no assurance that it can remain longer or not.

What Will Be the Care After the Treatment?

After doing the treatment, there are some important things one should follow. Teeth whitening remains for six months, or even in some cases, it can remain for more than one year. Avoid foods that have colorings such as coffee and red wine.

Some dental professionals recommend whitening toothpaste after the procedure. But the dental professionals prescribe using any artificial teeth whitening product. Because using any artificial teeth whitening product can cause harm to your teeth and will push you to some major risk of gum infection.

There are very few teeth whitening products on the market that dental professionals will prescribe for you to take because they’re just temporary and will not give permanent results.

Where is the Professional Teeth Whitening Center Near Me?

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