Fixed vs. Removable Dentures: Everything You Should Know


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The following article will be based on deeper thoughts, definitions, and explanations of dentures, along with the benefits of and differences between fixed vs removable dentures: everything you should know about.

What Are Dentures?

Removable dentures available at Indian Trail NC

Dentures are made of plastic resin and colored to match the gum-based color of your mouth. Dentures are carefully designed and assured to look like your teeth as before. It fits in your whole mouth perfectly and assures you that it will cause your teeth or mouth no harm.

Dentures might give you some trouble if wearing them for the first time. It might cause trouble eating or speaking with others. But after it becomes balanced in your gums, it will allow the muscles, nerves, and ligaments of your mouth to work properly. Dentures are the only way to fix the problems inside your gums and let them function more effectively than usual.

What Are The Benefits Of Wearing Dentures?

Dentures are made to fit inside your mouth perfectly and help the ligaments and muscles of your mouth work productively. Dentures allow your gums to function more efficiently and occur normally. The dentures have the most important work inside your mouth, supporting the facial skeleton and the tissues inside your cheeks. These facts are considered the key role of a denture inside your mouth.

Fixed vs. Removable Dentures: Everything You Should Know About!

First, we have to know what fixed and removable dentures are. Fixed dentures are non-removable dentures placed inside your mouth as a denture device consisting of a row of prosthetic teeth. At the same time, removable partial dentures are temporary and can be removed after a certain period.

Only by hearing the name of the dentures can it be understood that removable dentures can be removed from your mouth easily. But fixed dentures can only be removed at a dental office.

One of the troubles of removable dentures is that they lose stability after a certain period and even lose their fit. In this case, fixed dentures are better because they have long sustainability.

Fixed Dentures at Infinity Dental Arts
Fixed Denture

Another disadvantage of removable partial dentures is that it lacks sustainability and often comprise comfort. Because someone has to be more careful while chewing their food or talking with people while wearing removable partial dentures, in this case, fixed dentures take the lead again because it is more sustainable and doesn’t need any adjustments.

While removable dentures are easier to carry, they feel much lighter and less obstructive than plastic dentures. Fixed dentures are much heavier and feel comfortable to carry.

Removable partial dentures are called (RPDs) and are made of cast Vitallium because the usage of removable metal dentures is often more expensive than plastic dentures.

The process of fixed dentures generally requires three or more implants to fit the upper jaw perfectly. At the same time, removable dentures take just one implant to fit into your mouth.

After some time, fixed dentures can perfectly fit in your mouth. The dentures ensure to look as natural as possible. And even after a certain time, it will perfectly fit in your mouth and assures you long sustainability.

Removable dentures are more expensive than plastic ones. But it costs less than fixed or permanent dentures. Because of the lack of sustainability, Once upon a time, removable dentures were the best prosthetic teeth, but over some time, they lost their popularity.

Removable dentures would not completely stop your bone loss. But the way of permanent denture treatment of bone loss can prevent bone loss. Permanent dentures are fixed in your mouth, so you don’t have to worry about bone loss again.

What is Care After Implanting Dentures?

It is normal to lose bone after implanting dentures for the first time. And after seven months of implanting removable dentures, it can be seen that the temporary dentures will not stay aligned as much as before. So, in this case, you can get a fixed denture implant or again use a removable denture from the nearest dental care.

As per the doctor’s suggestion, it is best not to overuse your teeth. So be more careful about using your teeth while eating food and talking with people. But it is also important to get the implant from the best dentistry, or you might hurt yourself while implanting the removable dentures. 

Where Can I Find Removable Partial Dentures Near Me?

Infinity Dental Arts is number one for Denture service in Indian Trail, NC because they have already treated various patients and can fulfill their needs, and have been practicing removable and fixed denture implantation for over a decade now.

You can pay a visit to their dentistry tomorrow or the day after at 6611 Old Monroe Rd, Indian Trail, NC. Or simply book a free consultation call at 704.218.2132. 

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