7 Tips to Recover from a Root Canal Treatment

Our favorite aspect of successful root canal operations is… They can end your discomfort while bringing harmony and health back to your mouth. 

No matter how badly you need a root canal, we sympathize if you’re anxious about having one. Here are some suggestions that might aid your successful and speedy recovery, mainly because we want you to enjoy your root canal procedure! We at Infinity Dental Arts provide the best root canal therapy in Indian Trail, NC.

Infinity Dental Arts provides treatments like root canal infection treatment and many more services with excellent efficiency. Root canal treatment cost with us is pretty affordable too.

Why require a root canal treatment? A root canal is probably your best alternative to save the natural tooth and return to a pain-free lifestyle. There are various root canal treatment side effects too. Infinity Dental Arts also provide clients with root canal infection treatment.

Excellent root canal recovery advice is provided here:

Listen To Your Endodontist’s Advice

We must begin by advising you to always pay attention to the advice of your dental and medical team. Everyone has a specific combination of events, including their general well-being, medications they are taking now, dental history, and way of life. You can visit our root canal dentist in Indian Trail through our online website booking.

Our teeth cleaning team has been working to comprehend your “tooth narrative,” as we refer to it. Therefore, rely on us to promote your health. Our dentists will also provide the best treatments for infected root canals in Indian Trail, NC.

Personal Education On The Root Canal Process

We know you did not attend dental school; therefore, you have many inquiries regarding what to anticipate from your root canal. Don’t be afraid to ask! Let your dentist know if you have any queries or worries about the treatment or the typical healing time.

Learning more about root canal treatment may frequently assist you in getting ready for recovery so it can go quickly. Additionally, it could lessen some of the fear of getting a root canal. You’ll feel more prepared the more you know!

The American Association for Endodontists published an article on post-root canal care. We encourage you to look it over.

The treated mouth region may be sore for a few days as you recuperate after the local anesthetic or pain medication wears off. Because you had to keep your mouth open for the duration of your root canal, you can also have painful muscles or aches in your jaw.

Plan Your Refreshment For Health

Make a few preparations in advance, such as scheduling a vacation. Some people may almost instantly return to their everyday lives, but having a little time off could relieve some of the strain you might be under to get through some lingering discomfort.

Soup for dental recoveryAvoid utilizing the treated tooth for chewing days after your root canal. Stock up on soup, mashed potatoes, avocado, yogurt, soft cereal like oatmeal, and fruit purees like applesauce or bananas that aren’t spicy. Yes, indulge in your favorite quiet meals (but don’t overheat the soup)!

Who says taking a little time for yourself after getting a root canal should be discouraged? You are perfectly OK to resume your job immediately after. Add content to your Spotify and Netflix playlists, so you always have something to watch or listen to when you want to unwind. Some like uplifting or positive material. A Friends marathon is something we all know we can never refuse!

Apply Cold Compresses

applying ice for dental care

If you notice any swelling, try applying cold towels or ice packs to the treatment area. Some people find it helpful to use a cold pack for about 10 minutes daily. Taking short breaks between applications allows your skin to return to a normal temperature and prevents any adverse effects from prolonged exposure. Just make sure there is something between both the ice & your skin, such as a towel or other barrier.

Applying the cold pack once daily can be beneficial in reducing swelling and providing relief. However, avoid overdoing it, as excessive cold application may not offer additional benefits and could cause discomfort.

As Ordered, Use Anti-Inflammatory Pain Medication

First and foremost, let your endodontist know about any severe allergies and every other medication you are taking before you arrive for your visit. To ease the discomfort and swelling, use anti-inflammatory drugs as prescribed by your doctor.

Avoid Eating Immediately After Using Your Root Canal

Wait until the first feeling of partial numbness in your mouth has passed before eating. Continue eating moderate, soft foods, as was already advised. 

You may refuel your body without hurting or straining your tongue by eating smoothies, yogurt, mashed potatoes, avocado, or on top of yogurt. Avoid foods that are overly spicy or cold in addition to spices. We would like you to scorch yourself since your body can’t sense the heat in that area while you’re numb.

As you recover, stay away from alcohol and smoking as well. These activities may worsen inflammation and slow down your recovery.

Schedule a Rest Period

Your body must relax after surgery to recuperate as quickly as possible. Most endodontists advise resting for at least the rest of the afternoon and night following your operation.

Woman waking upPlan to unwind for 24 hours following the root canal, if feasible. Any medical procedure’s recovery period differs from case to case; however, many people may resume their normal level of exercise the day after having a root canal.

Don’t bank on it, though, since it’s advisable to have a relaxing day rather than forcing yourself to engage in intense or routine activities if you get up feeling less than 100 percent.

Don’t Work Out for Several Days

If you wish to work out and are wondering “how long it to recover from a root canal” then we would suggest you take some rest. Everyone’s schedule should include some form of exercise. You should use caution if you recently underwent surgery, even though it was oral surgery.

For the first several days, take some time off. Find out from your dentist how long they believe you will benefit from not exercising.

Early exercise might make you bleed again and cause you to feel sore. It’s important to remember that you should take it easy throughout your recovery time to avoid dealing with an issue brought on by or made worse by exercise.

First, Very Gently Clean Your Teeth

infinity dental cleaningAsk your dentist and endodontist for tips on maintaining a clean mouth. As usual, you should wash and floss your teeth. However, to keep the area clean while it heals, you might wish to be using warm, saltwater washes a few times daily.

Remember to return to your oral hygiene practice as quickly as your healthcare professional advises. Regular dental treatment and everyday dental hygiene help avoid the need for more root canals in the future. Prevention is the key to preventing root canals.


Here we discussed the best ways to recover from a root canal treatment. Visit our clinic to get the best oral hygiene and dental care for you and your family.