What can you expect from an Orthodontic Treatment?

An Orthodontic treatment will help correct your crooked teeth.

Crooked teeth can make a person feel insecure about their appearance and cause serious dental health problems. Also, crooked teeth are complicated to clean correctly, which means an increased risk of tooth decay and periodontal disease. An incorrect bite can also stress the jaw muscles, causing headaches, as well as neck and back pain.

This is why orthodontics exists. Orthodontics is the branch of dentistry that allows for the correction of the teeth and jaw positions which are misaligned.

An excellent orthodontic treatment benefits include a healthier mouth, a more attractive smile, and teeth that will last longer.

Do you need orthodontic treatment?           

The most important thing is to attend your dentist regularly. He is the only one who can tell you if orthodontic treatment is necessary. The dentist who specializes in orthodontic treatment is also called an orthodontist.

The orthodontist will define what type of treatment you need based on a series of studies that he will carry out to determine the severity of your problem.

Most common types of orthodontic treatments.

There are different treatments and appliances used during orthodontic treatment. The most common are fixed bracesremovable braces, and special appliances.

Fixed braces are the most common; these allow for the movement of each tooth separately and simultaneously. They are mostly used to correct crooked teeth, gaping teeth, and an incorrect bite. They can be made of metal or ceramic.

Removable braces: These are used to treat minor dental problems or during the final part of a treatment with fixed braces. They are used to prevent the teeth that were rearranged from returning to their previous position. They must be removed frequently to clean them.

Special appliances include various devices that fulfill other special functions, either repositioning the jaw up to being used to prevent children from sucking their thumb.

What happens to your teeth during orthodontic treatment?

In orthodontic treatment, the main objective is to correct the teeth’s position and re-train the jaw muscles to guarantee a correct and stable bite. This is achieved thanks to the fact that orthodontic appliances exert slight pressure on the teeth and muscles.

During the entire duration of the process, your dentist or orthodontist will need to monitor progress and make any necessary adjustments to the appliance to ensure the best results.

How long does it take an orthodontic treatment?

The orthodontic appliance installation process usually takes a few hours. As for how long you should use the appliance, it will depend on the type of treatment and the severity of the dental problem.

In fixed braces, the metal ones are more visible and perhaps unsightly but offer faster results. In comparison, ceramic ones offer slower results but are more aesthetically pleasing. It will all depend on your decision as to the options you receive from your orthodontist.

Treatment could generally last from about 18 months to 2 years, after which you will need to wear a removable retainer to ensure successful treatment.

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