What is Dental Bonding and What Are The Advantages of It?

Your oral health is a sign of your comprehensive fitness. Bad dental hygiene leads to gum disease, cavities, cracked teeth, and more, advancing to more severe problems. Talking about cracked teeth, getting them fixed prevents the integral properties of an injured tooth and brings confidence to your smile.

In dentistry, fixing cracked teeth, filling gaps between the teeth, fixing discolored teeth, lengthening shorter teeth, etc., are possible through a dental procedure known as dental bonding.

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Dental bonding is done with a composite resin that replaces the space that had your broken tooth and is its replica. The composite resin used is known as a Bond, and the procedure of attaching it is called bonding.

There are many fixtures of getting a dental bonding procedure done. Not only does it fix your smile and the gaps in teeth, but the process also makes your chewing proper and preserve the health of the other teeth enclosing it.

There are other advantages of getting dental bonding done. They are mentioned as follows.


Dental bonding is the most affordable option. While other cosmetic procedures like porcelain veneers cost a lot, this method doesn’t put a hole in your pocket.

Fewer visits:

A tooth bonding procedure gets done in one single visit. While other procedures like veneers and crowns take more time for preparation in the dental lab, and it takes the 2nd visit to get them placed.


There are more than one imperfections and flaws addressed, and all of them can be straightened by dental bonding surgery. As discussed previously, a chipped tooth, gaps, discoloration, cracks, etc., are all fixed via a bonding procedure.

The ease:

Dental bonding is one of the smoothest processes done. There is almost no pain in getting the bonding done unless it is for a cavity repair. You can get numerous teeth bonded in a single sitting.

Less piercing:

Dental bondings are firmly applied but can be removed if you feel you want to get rid of them. Moreover, the resin doesn’t damage your teeth and subsequently functions as a cover. When Porcelain veneers are removed, they leave leftovers and marks on your teeth, unlike dental bondings. These leftovers permanently damage your teeth. Also, the ease of removal is due to the minimal enamel removal required during the procedure.

Personalized Treatment:

A shade card is used to determine which shade of composite resin can be used for your bonding procedure. This shade matches the color of your teeth to give a similar undifferentiated look.

Apart from personalization, the sticking process is quite simple. First, the tooth’s surface is rugged to enhance grip. Then, a conditioning glue-like solution is applied, which helps in sticking to the tooth’s surface. Finally, the resin is adhered to, molded, and smoothened as per the shape.

How should you care for your bonded teeth?

Caring for the bonded teeth is not much different from your regular teeth.

  • They should be flossed and brushed twice a day and cleaned professionally at the dental office semi-annually. Food items like wine, tea, coffee, Cigarette smoke & more leave stains on your teeth. And it is difficult to remove these stains from the composite resins. To keep the dental bondings anew, avoid consuming sustenance that leaves a spot.
  • Avoid putting force on your bonded tooth, like holding a pen or other writing material or biting your nails, as forcing pressure might chip your dental bonding and damage it. Better maintenance of the dental bonding assures that they can last upto a decade.

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